Did you update your Facebook design or are you still using the old one?

Did you update your Facebook design
or are you still using the old one?



Kate Tchincharauli




No worries, soon enough we’re all going to be using the updated version! 

Back in 2019, during F8 Mark Zuckerberg announced vast changes for Facebook which we were expecting whole heartedly. It should be acknowledged that throughout its history Facebook has gone through redesign only four times and the last one turned out to be so radical that it sparked passionate debate among users.

So called “new Facebook” does speak for its radical changes. 

In general changing the interface is a sensitive issue for the users, but I say with full responsibility – these changes are beneficial for business as well as for the users. 

Let us discuss each of those changes and with that I feel assured that by the end of this article you will look at “the new Facebook” differently. 

Facebook has become simpler, lighter and sharper. The visuals and the text have previously unacquired scope. There’s more emphasis on the content. The new feature which I really enjoy is the upper tab where all of the most required  functions are collected: News Feed, Watch TV, Groups and Gaming. 

The users form their own communities based upon their specific interests which are what we know as Facebook Groups. It’s because of this trend and by studying users’ actions, Facebook is enhancing their effort in Groups and private communication. Therefore the biggest changes are found on Newsfeed. There’s a separate Newsfeed created for the groups, where you can find the news fitting your own specific interests and look for even more groups that are interested in the same stuff. It is also expected that the content shared by larger groups will be prioritised. I think the companies should invest their interests in the gathering of community around their brand. Also simply create and reanimate Facebook Groups. 

By adding updated tabs we can turn any tab into a Newsfeed and have not one but several Newsfeeds, which seems extremely convenient. 

“Say goodbye to memes poking fun at the posts disappearing after refreshing Facebook”

Yes, we’ve all been there. Reading some post on your Newsfeed, going to another page, then returning to Facebook only to find that the post you were so invested in has somehow disappeared. Now the number of pages you visit doesn’t really matter as long as you click Home and everything returns to its place. You will keep your spot on the Newsfeed. 

The blank space left in the right column of the page wouldn’t be unnoticed. Those are for the ads, so that we can see them more clearly. 

Among the changes is a prominent feature for birthdays and birthday wishes. If you were forgetful of the dates and anniversaries before, the new design doesn’t let it go unnoticed. By simply pushing ENTER, you can congratulate your friends and associates on their birthdays. 

And of course, – DARK MODE! 

The long awaited dark colored Facebook theme is finally here!

This way Facebook looks a lot more attractive, with sharper text and visuals. You might agree that watching videos beside darker colors is much more enjoyable. 

I hope that after this article you will find NEW FACEBOOK much more likable with its new features and simplicity. So welcome to the darks side of Facebook!